TO: All Aeronautical Engineers

FROM: Chief of Operations aka Bob

SUBJECT: ...Tweaks

We are happy to report that we are still on schedule to launch our newest spacecraft into orbit with trajectories leading to the moon by next Thursday. However, due to shifts in the budget we will need to make some, ahem, changes to the overall construction.

Nothing major just a few elements like the fuel…

the hull…

the steering system…

and, the craft’s overall environmental control.

Like we said, nothing major.  

You’ll have to choose to either keep, or swap out items that have an efficiency rating from 3, being the best, and 1 being a “I hope this thing takes off” rating.

But, you can’t keep everything at a 3. We gotta cut the budget somewhere, and it’s not gonna be from my paycheck. (That timeshare I have in Scottsdale ain’t gonna pay for itself, you know.)

These items have all been carefully selected and sourced by our topmost trusted engineers, and by whatever we could find in the storage shed out back.

Good luck